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Muay Thai Boxing Gloves 🥊

Our range of Muay Thai gloves are hand-picked from the world’s most reputable brands. Whether you intend on sparring, or simply hitting the bag or pads, you’ll need a decent pair of boxing gloves. In fact, it’s the only equipment absolutely necessary to begin training in Muay Thai.

If you’re just starting out, many gyms will have spare gloves for you to use before you need to invest in a pair of your own. These aren’t always the most pleasant to use though are they are often old and shared among beginners.


Buy nice or buy twice! Buying a pair of decent boxing gloves from a reputable brand like Fairtex is a solid investment. They will endure hitting pads or the bag (or people!) for years.

Cheaper alternatives do exist from less-prominent brands, but we do not recommend these, nor stock them. They wear fast and often fall apart after just a few months due to poor quality control and inferior materials.

Types of Glove

There are two main styles of Thai Boxing gloves: Velcro and Lace-up.

Velcro gloves are the more common style of gloves that you’ll find the majority of people wearing during training. They offer a convenient means of putting them on, securing them and removing them.

Lace-up gloves are often used in competition. They are slightly more secure on the hand and can be completely tightened to ensure they are not pulled off during a fight. The lack of Velcro also eliminates any risk of scratching when clinching.

Muay Thai Glove Sizing 📏

For a comprehensive guide on glove sizing see our guide on glove sizes. Generally gloves are available in sizes 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

If you plan on sparring you should opt for a pair of 16oz gloves. Some gyms allow sparring with 14oz gloves but you should check first. 10oz are lightweight gloves that are perfect for hitting the bag or pads with a partner.

UK Stock 🇬🇧

Every pair of Thai Boxing gloves on our website is in stock and available for immediate dispatch from our UK warehouse.

We regularly get new shipments in from Fairtex, Sandee and MTG Pro, so if you’re after a pair of gloves that we don’t currently have in stock, please get in touch and we’ll happily put it on backorder for you.