Boon MK1 Hand Woven Red Mongkol
Boon MK1 Hand Woven Red Mongkol
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Boon MK1 Hand Woven Red Mongkol


Traditional Thai Mongkol in red from Boon, hand woven in Thailand

  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Made in traditional Thai styling
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MK1 Mongkol from Boon in red with colour detailing. All of our Mongkol from Boon are hand woven in Thailand and are designed with traditional Thai styling.

A mongkol is a ceremonial headband worn by Muay Thai fighters in Thailand. It’s considered a sacred object and is usually blessed by a monk or a respected elder before being worn by the fighter. The mongkol is traditionally passed down from trainer to fighter and is believed to bring luck, protection, and success in the fight. It’s worn during the pre-fight rituals, known as the Wai Kru, and is removed before the actual fight begins.