Custom and Self Fit mouthguards from Safejawz, for all ages, offering superb protection helping you to avoid any expensive dental bills!

We have UK stock available for immediate dispatch with 2-day delivery backed by Safejawz Perfect Fit Guarantee 👌

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The SAFEJAWZ brand has a long history of making custom mouthguards for dentists and all this knowledge has been put into developing the best fitting range of  both custom and self-fit mouthguards in the World.

3D printing was used in the development stages to ensure a slim profile and carefully consider every single aspect of their products.

SAFEJAWZ was founded by athletes, they’ve packed our products with game changing features to ensure great protection with every fit!

We do not guarantee that this product will prevent injury during it´s use. It has been designed to minimise the potential of serious injury. View full conditions and details about the process here.